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Our Story – Very Briefly

Josh and I started Freeze Dried Family to share our knowledge with others with healthy, natural, and self-sustainable practices. We realize most people don’t follow a lot of natural lifestyle practices, whether out of lack of adequate knowledge, misunderstandings, or simply lack of motivation.

I used to think my lifestyle was really healthy, because I worked out almost daily and tried to avoid excess fat and sugar. That meant choosing fat-free options, avoiding greasy/oily foods, and sometimes using sugar alternatives like Splenda. However, I later realized how my lifestyle was still far from healthy.

What many people consider healthy actually isn’t all that healthy. Consuming artificial sweeteners and low-fat products doesn’t translate to healthy. I would look at nutrition labels for calorie and sugar counts, but didn’t necessarily care about ingredient lists. Thus, food products could be low-calorie, but not necessarily healthy, even if labelled as “healthy.”

After our first kid, we really researched into healthy lifestyle practices to ensure that we set a good example for our kids and to set them on the path for happy, healthy lives ahead. Our research revealed a more natural lifestyle was necessary to achieve healthier mental and physical health.

Many people, including me, erroneously assumed that natural lifestyle practices require a lot of time, resources, and effort. However, I was wrong! Once you learn what you need to do and make changes, natural lifestyle practices aren’t any harder than non-natural lifestyle practices.

In fact, living a natural lifestyle can be more economical in the sense of avoiding overpriced packaged items versus buying whole foods, and where you can make ongoing food sources like kombucha with minimal ingredients. If you get into gardening or even get a chicken coop, then you can save money (and improve your mental wellbeing!) by producing some of your own food.

You Can Lead a Healthier, Natural Lifestyle

Our family consists of three young children and two working parents, so believe me: we have no interest in undertaking time-intensive lifestyle practices!

Believe that you can practice healthier, natural lifestyle practices into your daily routine, because you really can. We will provide easy-to-follow guides and other resources to help you learn more about various natural lifestyle practices and benefits. 

Never Feel Judged

Never feel the need to apply any labels to your lifestyle. Although we use the phrase “natural lifestyle” or the like on our site, it’s only because people normally want or use a label for the types of practices that we do. We do a little bit of “green” or “crunchy” living as well, but who is to say?

We never feel like we fit any mold to a “T,” since no official guide exists on what people must do to fall under a label and we like to blend different practices depending on what we deem healthy. Some people are quick to judge whether someone belongs to a label based on how many practices that follow in their life or what other practices may not conform. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

You also shouldn’t feel constrained to fit any particular label. Do whatever works best for you and your family, and feel free to adopt whichever practices interest you. By no means should you feel pressured to adopt everything we do. 

Every Little Step Counts

Again, you don’t have to do everything we do, or anyone else who may claim to life a “natural lifestyle.”

Any new natural lifestyle practice that you adopt will bring you one step closer to a healthier life for you and your family. Plus, you will get a sense of gratification knowing that you were able to adopt a practice that most people still don’t, and which contributes to your better physical health and/or mental well-being.  

We certainly feel very gratified when we do things like make our own yogurt or grow our own herbs and vegetables. 

We Will Help You

Please use this site to learn new skills and information that will benefit your family.

Overall, you should feel welcomed at Freeze Dried Family to learn from our various trials, errors, and successes in progressing towards a healthier, happier, and more self-sustainable lifestyle.

Always feel free to reach out if you have questions on any of our articles (or even on ideas we have not written about yet), because our site is still fairly new and we welcome feedback from our readers. You can either send us a message or leave a comment below any of our articles.

We look forward to seeing you around at Freeze Dried Family!