Privacy Policy

Freeze Dried Family (FDF) may collect personal information from you when you visit our website pages, subscribe to our emails/newsletters, or use any of our products or services. 

“Personal information” can include information that you voluntarily or involuntarily provide, such as the following, without limitation: your name, email address, phone number, mailing or physical address, IP address, communications with us, public comments, and product and service preferences. If you purchase any services or products from FDF directly, FDF will also collect your credit card or payment information, and all information necessary to process your payment.

We would collect personal information for the purpose of analyzing user preferences and experiences to be able to adapt our website and content to meet them, as well as to enhance our ability to market and provide any services or products.

As maintaining your privacy is a priority, we will strive to safeguard your information and will not intentionally and directly sell, share, or give away your personal information without your consent or a legal/governmental authority compelling it. 

FDF may use apps, widgets, or software that track your activity on our website or on any affiliate or partner pages that you may visit from our site for the purpose of analyzing user preferences, activities, or experiences. The same mechanisms may collect your IP address and browser cookie information. We may collect this data for the purpose of tailoring our content, products, and services to meet user preferences and demand. We may communicate with you accordingly, such as by sending email campaigns or announcements. You will always have the option of unsubscribing from our email list at any time through the unsubscribe function or by updating your user preferences through the emails we send.

FDF may also collect information when you visit any affiliates sites, or the sites of any partners or associates, in the form of tracking whether you visit and make purchases on those sites by way of our affiliate relationship. We would use this information to ensure we are properly compensated for referring any users through our affiliate links, and to analyze our user preferences to be able to adapt our website and content accordingly.

If you visit any third-party websites through links on our website, including any affiliate links, FDF has no control over the personal information and data that those websites may collect from you. Thus, you are advised to review the privacy policies of those websites if their privacy polices concern you.

By using our website and its features (e.g. subscribing to newsletters, accessing products/services or third-party links, reading content, etc.), you are asserting that you are age 18 or over or have the consent of a parent/guardian. We have no intention of communicating with or targeting individuals under the age of 18 for any marketing, sales, or data collection purposes, including the collection of any personal information.

We reserve the right to modify our policy at any time, to which you will always have the option to unsubscribe from any of our email lists and to cease accessing our website and social media accounts.